I fainted :(

To get to work today, I had to take a rail replacement bus service, it took almost 2 hours to arrive, I’ll have to depart before 7am if I want to even attempt to arrive on time tomorrow. Today however, I was late, arrived 40 minutes into my shift, I didn’t say anything, just sat down, stamped in and got on with it.

About another 40 minutes into my shift I was asked if I’d be OK with someone listening in to my calls, one of the new trainees, he’s from a village 5 miles away from my town, he asked where I was from, I told him, he said “nice”, I told him it wasn’t. But since we were from the same borough he called us “Brothers in Arms”, he’s a decent person, initially he also commented on my Godzilla t-shirt, he said he was a fan, I didn’t think responding was the right thing to do at the time, I was his sensei and I tried to impart some knowledge onto him. Our time together only lasted around 30 minutes before his break, my quality assessment and then my break.

I didn’t pack a lunch due to having no yoghurts. So I left the building during my lunch period as usual, planning on maybe buying a sandwich until I realised I left my wallet back at my desk. I wasn’t overly hungry anyway and welcomed the opportunity to dodge some calories. I went back to work and then onto another break around an hour later.

During break I played Hearthstone again. Still stuck at rank 2, playing Quest Rogue now. Made some awkward eye contact with the transgender person, I just have a habit of turning my head whenever someone enters my peripheral vision, I should stop doing it. I overheard her conversation again, such an interesting person, all her housemates are transgender too and one of them is apparently insane and attacked a GP.

When posting on 4chan about the above observation, I began to feel faint, I was dizzy, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t keep my head up straight, I kinda wanted to go to sleep but also throw up. I tried to walk it off by leaving the break room and heading back into the work area, not long after beginning my walk, I collapsed, it was along the desk where my manager sits. I don’t remember it, but after hitting the ground, I think I near immediately regained consciousness, though I was still dizzy and couldn’t see clearly, there was a green, blurry tint obscuring my vision. The new guy from about a month ago who I helped a little was the one to lift me up, he and my manager took me to a small room a few metres away. I sat down and tried to gather my bearings, my manager showed sympathy and asked some questions, such as if I was on any medication, I denied it at first but the next time I admitted the only new addition were antidepressants. I was asked if I wanted an ambulance, I declined, she got my 2 glasses of water, I eventually felt better, my head stopped spinning, my vision cleared, it was sudden, I just felt better. I think it was 5-10 minutes.

Another woman entered the room later and asked how I was, she seemed to understand my fainting, we agreed it was probably just because I hadn’t eaten anything during lunch. They both offered me food, repeatedly but I declined this also, I honestly just wasn’t hungry. I took 5 minutes to wash my face as I had sweated heavier than I ever had in recent memory. My manager also noted I became pale and my lips turned white.

A few people during the final hour of work asked if I was alright, I gave a lot of thumbs up. I felt stupid this one time though when I said I was fine when I thought someone was asking me how I was, he was just on the phone. Mumbled to myself a lot after that, even after leaving work.

Took a 90 minute bus back home. Felt a little car sick.

Told my family I fainted. They think I need to eat more.

Going to buy Iron tomorrow.

Wondering if Magnesium+Sertaline was a trick.


15 thoughts on “I fainted :(

  1. You should eat more mate. Your diet is absolutely terrible. You’re either eating fast food and crisps, or completely starving yourself. Learn to cook and make yourself some decent normal meals.


  2. Different people react in different ways to setraline. I’m not sure if fainting is an occasional side effect. That information would be on the internet somewhere or in the product information pamphlet in the medicine package

    Magnesium (except perhaps in obviously excessive amounts) is perfectly safe. It’s a naturally occuring element and is contained in all fruit and vegetables

    More likely you fainting was caused by you low-calorie, low-nutrient diet, and all those dangerous chemicals you’ve been pumping into your weakened body to fuck with its biological wiring.


  3. Been there brother. The worst thing about a fainting spell is the unsettling feeling of how quickly it came about and how it could come again. It could be a number of things, I recommend you:

    1. Write down everything from today while you remember. What you ate, how much you drank, what pills, when, etc. Often dehydration is the culprit. You can even post this info here, it’s nothing you don’t mention on a regular basis, and we can look into it.
    2. Once you come up with a likely cause, take steps to ensure you don’t repeat the actions that lead to it. Just the feeling that you’ve “fixed” it can put an overactive mind at ease.

    As far as your diet, why in God’s name don’t you just go keto? I understand your mum cooks for you but you handle lunch and she will probably like that you eat like a fucking horse while you’re on it, just no carbs.

    Here is a link: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb

    Note that you are responsible for your life and researching whatever your gay pills are doing to you and how diet might interact.


    • He’ll never go keto because it involves food preparation, which he is too lazy to learn how to do. If you can’t eat it immediately, he’s not interested.


      • Poley when are you going to step out as a gender-queer (and/or homosexual)? All that bullshit about waiting for your facial hair to be gone and your hair to grow out is procrastination. A big reveal could be the beginning of a new and exciting story arc.


    • It’s nice that this is normal and that other people understand. What happened when you fainted?

      At the time I fainted, I only had one bowl of corn flakes (8 hours ago) and less than 1 litre of water. I clearly messed up.

      I tried keto but it’s too difficult and time consuming to learn to cook


      • Do you know how to read?

        Then you know how to cook.

        The site I linked has recipes which take literally nothing but chopping things and putting them in a frying pan.


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