Going up in the world

I woke up at 5.20am today so that I’d be able to get into work without any risk of being late again. I however planned a little too well, I arrived into work at 7.40am, I just watched Everybody Loves Raymond in the break room while playing Hearthstone and waiting for my lunch to start. Overhearing other peoples conversations, I felt likei could have contributed, it didn’t feel as scary as usual. They were talking about the Manchester attacks, far left wing views.

I bought some large chocolate chip cookies to keep my blood sugar up, I had one before my shift and another during my first break. For dinner I had a fried chicken sandwich, the interaction with the cashier was awkward so I won’t return, she asked if I wanted a receipt, I said yes, she asked what I said, then I thought she wasn’t speaking to me so I ignored her, then she asked a third time and I agreed to take the receipt. There was also an old classic, going up to the counter when it was someone elses order that was ready.

Bought Zinc and Iron, only £10 for 100 tablets of each, 15g. With a little Vitamin C, I’ll be all set.

My manager told me I will now be trained to respond to email queries, due to my great stats, it’s kinda a promotion since there’s less oversight and it’s cushier. Though I’ll probably only be doing this for an hour here and there. I trained with a guy I spoke to a few times before, he’s nice and I found it easy to speak to him. Though I feel as if my manager is giving me this new responsibility out of pity.

Missed a chance to communicate with a colleague, he told me something and I replied that I already knew.

The bus home was faster than yesterday, got home before 7pm.

My mother and sister were disgusted and angered when I told them I ate a non-halal chicken sandwich, it was the equivalent of burning a Q’uran, I couldn’t imagine a stronger reaction on the grounds of violating their religion.

My sister again remarked how physically weak I am, she is undeniably stronger than me now.

Lost several Hearthstone games.


One thought on “Going up in the world

  1. Your family seem quite toxic and appear dedicated in persuading your return to their barbaric paki ways. Crabs in a bucket.


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