7pm bedtime, not even a wagie thing

I woke up at 8am and played Digimon for 5 hours. Almost finished the game though if I want to get the platinum trophy I’m going to have to play for months (since I can only play on weekends). Watched an episode of “Orange is the New Black” afterwards. Ate cereal, rice, a cream éclair and 3 chocolate biscuits.

The day after that was just a void, there was nothing more I felt the need to do. I watched some comic book reviews and at around 7pm am now preparing to sleep. It’s becoming easier to restrict my calorie intake, normally I would have treated myself to a burger meal from a takeaway.

I did kill a few minutes trying on some womens t-shirts I bought a while ago, they fit better now but they expose my somewhat broad shoulders, I’m upset even though I was aware there were certain clothes I should avoid due to my shoulders.

Verbally abused myself as I had flashbacks of social screwups from work this past week.

Still not spent my £25 Amazon voucher.


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