Figured out what matters

Yesterday my mother and sister asked why I wasn’t fasting, Ramadan had begun and as far as they knew, I had kept all the fasts every year of my adult life. They were already aware I wasn’t Muslim anymore but they pushed me into making cliché fedora tipping statements and insulting their prophet. I’m not wrong about what I said and it was enlightening hearing them making excuses, sad too, them desperately clinging to something they barely understand.

My sister said she was disgusted living with me and wanted me out. My mother claimed it was due to mental health issues. My father had the most civilized take, he wasn’t part of the main conversation, my sister tried to get him to berate me but he defended me consuming non halal chicken, he said chicken was chicken and it being halal was minor.

Today at work I was on emails all day, it was chill but I wasn’t 100% comfortable with what I was doing, I want to be back taking calls, I understand that and I’m good at it.

Overheard some more conversations and they upset me, hate hearing how social everyone is.

Finally figured out womens sizes, shirt sizes consider height more than weight, so I’ll need a large or XL, 14/16.

Ate cereal, 2 chocolate biscuits and a burger meal.

Slept for 11 hours last night but I still woke up tires.


3 thoughts on “Figured out what matters

  1. Your post wasn’t really clear — what is it that you figured out really matters?

    Sounds like your family has just about had it. I assume they’re balancing the shame of abandoning you vs. the irritation of keeping you at home. It’s pretty funny that your father is probably the only one keeping you from being kicked to the curb, considering how you treat him.

    You remember I pointed this out awhile ago, now I think it’ll progress past passive-aggressive posturing to straight up insults and then physical confrontation.


  2. I think he discovered that it really matters when deciding what size to wear in women’s shirts to consider height more than weight


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