It’s happening again

I ended up getting to work an hour early since I arrived at the train station expecting to take the bus again but to my surprise, the trains have begun running again. I tried killing a few minutes by window shopping but I couldn’t be bothered. At work I picked out a PC and then went back into the break room to play Hearthstone until my shift started.

When I returned to the work area, I was pleasantly surprised to find the transgender person sitting at the computer next to me and then I became less pleasantly surprised to learn my computer wasn’t working, so I had to move, after half an hour of trying and failing to find a working computer, I was approached and told that I’ll be on emails again. The woman speaking to me commented that I looked scared. I moved back to my original PC since I wouldn’t be needing to use the phone.

I thought I was special having been chosen to work emails but it turns out several people were taught emails before me, newer people, so insulting. Hurts that my manager lied to me.

During lunch is overheard some normie conversations, talking about GPs and politics. I felt I could have contributed but couldn’t find my voice. Maybe I should start taking beta blockers again, the antidepressants are just stopping me from caring. The conversation I overheard involved the trans person, LittleKuriboh and that guy I don’t like. Trans person sat near me during break, only one other person around, I couldn’t start a conversation.

Quirky guy spoke to me, I was accidentally rude. He asked when my shift ended, I said I was obviously on until 8pm as I wouldn’t be on break/lunch at 4pm otherwise.

Imagining conversations I could have again and the responses that could come.

Ate chicken at home and at work I had a yoghurt and banana.

My sister threatened to tell my mother about my gender dysphoria again. She’s genuinely angry at me due to my stance on religion 


7 thoughts on “It’s happening again

  1. You have a choice – come out to your family as a gender queer / homosexual on your own terms now, or be outed when you least expect it (and probably very soon) by your vindictive little sister!

    It’s time to begin the next story arc. Do you have a trans name yet? If not may I suggest Polly


    • This is creepy. Sounds like you want to fuck “Polly”.

      His trans name is Monika. He has named himself after the woman he stalked and abused.


      • Shit I re-read my post and you’re right

        Actually am just wanting to push the blog along and into a new and exciting story arc (like when ‘Caitlin’ revealed herself to the Kadashian family). Can you imagine Poley’s father’s reaction when he hears about all this?


      • To be honest I think his father will probably be more reasonable than his mother and sisters.

        After all the shit Poley has pulled, his father has probably given up on him anyway. But mothers don’t give up on their kids.


      • It should. As a tranny you just won’t be able to threaten to kill yourself. People will now expect it.


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