Coming out soon

I was back on the phones at work, I was easily agitated and I’ll be getting another complaint. The guy who I felt bullied me was pretty cool today, he was mean in a funny way and generally nice and helpful. I think I’m coming across as gay because I’m always nervous and fidgety when speaking to people because I’m thinking of the words to say as they’re coming out of my mouth. Nothing else of note other than some more observations about THAT individual, need to stop because I sound like a stalker.

Sounds like my sister has told my mother I’m trans. My mum called me a “brother” and my sister asked if she meant “sister”. I was right with my prediction, mum is just going to bury this because she lacks the ability to discuss this. Might tell my other sisters but I won’t until I’ve bought some clothes. Too tired after my shifts to do it right now.

Ran out of mobile data on my phone while reading the DailyMail.

Last night my sister again chastised me, said I wasn’t a real man when I wouldn’t assemble her new wardrobe for her or take it up the stairs. Today she paid someone to do it for her.


4 thoughts on “Coming out soon

  1. How old are your brother and sisters? Do you think they’re virgins? Do you think your parents would care if they’d had premarital sex?


    • They’re virgins, I’m sure.

      I’m used to be sure they and my mother wouldn’t care but after recent events, I doubt it highly, they’d be mad as fuck and there’s no way my sister would fornicate


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