Fit as a horse

Woke up early for my GP appointment, my blood pressure is fine and so is my weight, I’m 141lbs with my shoes and clothes on. I told her I fainted at work. Got more Sertaline, 2 weeks supply and during my next appointment I’ll get 4 weeks. My doctor was in an upbeat mood, she saw my cutting scars and that I’ve developed breasts. It was quite a short appointment, I just said I was OK. I only came for the pills. One strange thing I was asked was if seeing another female doctor next time would be acceptable, I guess she thinks my avoidance of eye contact is exclusive to women.

Work was fine, I got to do emails during the first half of the day and help out some of the new people. Spoke with that guy I didn’t like, he’s from the same region as me, seems nice. He initiated the conversation.

Ate cereal, chocolate, rice and lots of red meat.

When picking up my prescription, I was asked if I had taken this medication before, I don’t understand why.

My manager has officially left now. It’s upsetting.


3 thoughts on “Fit as a horse

  1. Pharmacists (chemists) ask questions like that. It doesn’t mean anything.

    It’s a hell of a shame what the jew has done to you, lad.


      • I’m also grateful in this case that he’s removed you from the gene pool and that the meds will likely leave you so weak that you’ll never be able to harm anyone other than yourself.


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