Plizu let me lose some hair this time

Despite getting 12 hours of sleep, I was still exhausted when getting up for my laser appointment. It was a good (painful) session and afterwards I booked myself in for another course, so that’s 40% of my monthly wage gone again. Heading into my session I did feel like people were staring at me suspiciously but I couldn’t be brought down, the camera on my mobile phone iis finally recognising me as female.

Played Digimon for 6+ hours, I’ve reached the final part of the story but I need to level up before being able to beat it, the difficulty curve here is nonsensical but at least it paces the game.

Watched the Champions League Final, glad Zidane’s Real won.

Low calorie intake today, no apatite, just ate cereal, some rice and a few peanuts.

Not even thinking about my trial or revenge. The only thing on my mind is making time to do some shopping.

I’m still getting aggro for not fasting during Ramadan even though my mother doesn’t even keep them all.


4 thoughts on “Plizu let me lose some hair this time

  1. So you have breasts, you’ve reached your weight target, and have become passable (at least so far as your phone app is concerned) – looks like the transformation is almost complete. So when’s the big reveal? You can’t put this off forever. Better to come out on your own terms rather than wait for your spiteful little sister to do it for you (assuming she hasn’t already done so)


    • Pretty sure my sister already has. I want to come out, I’ll need to buy some clothes first though. That’ll be after counselling this week, which should give me some clarity


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