Healthier Obsession?

I played Digimon for over 6 hours, even though I stayed up until 2am playing it last night too. It’s still not a good game but it’s triggering the autism JRPGs usually do.

My dad had my sister help him take stuff to the landfill after the family cleared out the cellar. Since he can’t bully and control me anymore, he’s moved onto someone else but my sister seems to have reached breaking point, when she returned she was enraged, her iPhone had somehow become broken and for some reason she blamed me, taking the crap to the skip was a mans job apparently and I should have done it. I tried asking if she was OK as she was clearly upset but she bit my head off. Later I gave my phone to her to keep the peace, not like I use it much. She was most upset about losing data on the phone that wasn’t backed up due to the police taking her laptop.

After arguing with her I went to eat away my depression with a burger meal, a white guy and two, what I think were, Islanders, were served before me. When the Kurd working there got to my order, he kept saying “Mashala Cha-Cha” and smiling wide, he said it over 5 times. Then he asked why I wasn’t fasting, I said “not today” and in his accented, broken English he said “sometimes you don’t” or something equally meaningless but insulting. I am now never returning back to that place, fuck him.

At the end of the day I watched the ‘One Love’ concert on the BBC, it was good, when Katy Perry encouraged viewers to touch their family, I touched my youngest sisters arm, she recoiled and shouted at me, asked what I was doing, I was hurt, am I really that disgusting? Then, as per Katy’s next instruction, I told my sister I loved her, she eventually replied in kind but clearly didn’t mean it.

My throat is sore.

Disgusted to hear about another terror attack though it doesn’t feel the same as the Manchester one.


6 thoughts on “Healthier Obsession?

    • What a madhouse this must be. You’ve got a dad who’s lived in the country for decades and can’t speak English, a mother who (justifiably) seems constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, several sisters shrieking like crazed harridans over every little thing and in a back bedroom a quiet boy transitioning into a She/Beast with self-prescribed meds and who keeps getting the family mobiles and laptops confiscated by acting like a retard.


      • Intelligence/enlightenment/values

        I’m not an ape who is a slave to their savage culture/religion, I can see the world and people as they really are, I don’t play their silly games, I can talk properly (I don’t use paki slang like “innit”), I’m not selfish, vain and greedy


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