Tryhard failure

Today was a challenging day at work, I had 4 callers who insisted on speaking to managers. I helped out a few of the new people again, sometimes without even being asked, it makes me feel good, though the little unintimidating guy from Friday was someone who asked for my help and I was unable to deliver. I’m not expecting to befriend these people, I just want an excuse to talk to others and boost my self esteem, it’s such a risky move though, a bad interaction can massively knock my self esteem and torture me for hours on end.

Asked for help myself frequently, the gay guy was nice, spoke to me like a child, I feel he’s taking pity on me.

My skin is terrible right now, needs to settle from laser.

Break and lunch was boring without my phone, my sister is still being hostile despite giving my phone to her. My mum said my hair is beginning to look like a Bob and that long hair doesn’t suit me, she, like my father, wants me to get a haircut. I was close to tears and my mum picked up on this, I claimed I was fine and it was dropped.

Not thinking about counselling on Thursday. I want to present as female but can’t order clothes online soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Tryhard failure

  1. I’ve always wondered – if I’m talking to a call center operator and I ask to speak to their manager, is this recorded as a black mark against their name?


    • Not really. They understand that given the circumstances that some people will demand to speak to someone else to try and get what they want.

      If it happens a lot then it’s something they’ll bring up but it’s not a big deal


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