Unleashed Potential

I tried shaving today but my hair/skin still hasn’t recovered from laser. The train to work was as packed as ever. Work itself was great, I got to work on emails again and my stats are brilliant, at the end of the day the head of the emails team gave me a pat on the back by saying “You’re killing it on emails”, modestly I replied that I was only taking the easy ones, she said that I was fine as I was getting the numbers. It felt good to be acknowledged and I like the way she speaks, it’s energetic and non-intimidating.

Since I’m good at whatever I’ve had to do at work so far, I might be unlocking my potential again.

Got drenched by the rain on my way home.

Ate a chicken mayo sandwich for lunch, my mother gave me aggro for it again at home for eating haram food, said she didn’t want me in the house or eating from her plates. For dinner I had chicken and some cake. Breakfast was just cereal.  My mum still wants me to cut my hair.

Watched the Soap Awards.

Might measure my bra size later tonight, I’ve read up on it and I’m sure I’m a full A cup by now.


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