Double Dollaroos part two

Once again I worked on emails, the only times I spoke were when I answered a colleague when asked if someone was sitting in a seat. I looked around to see if anyone else would respond before piping up myself. The other time was when a new guy kept bringing up the amount of time remaining before the end of the shift, I didn’t respond the first few times but at one point I joked that if he keeps saying it, it’ll seem longer. I’m excluding the times I had to ask for help.

I chose to do an extra two hours at work, it was double time but I didn’t want the money, I just didn’t want to go home, there was nothing for me there apart from my cruel sisters. I can’t play vidya apart from midday on my days off work.

I’ve put on weight.

My mum said my jeans look like the type chav girls wear on council estates. I’m happy with that but I always liked how they looked on me. She’s trying to get me to talk.

UKIP only got 1500 votes here.


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