The normies secret jutsu

My shift today started at 10pm, it was nice to get an extra hours sleep, I didn’t mind walking through the rain to get to work. I was back to taking calls, I enjoyed it, nice change of pace to emails. I got a laugh from 3 colleagues when I joked about a call escalating after receiving advice from one of them. Felt proud but unfortunately there was a negative element to it, I forgot the identity of one of the three, it upsets me to think I hurt someones feelings.

Trans person was on the break sheet but absent today, it’s been a rough couple of weeks, hope she hasn’t quit. I tried speaking to DnD guy about working emails, didn’t know what to say after a few exchanges so I just left it. The non-intimidating little guy initiated conversation with me today during break, simply asked “How’s it going?”, absolute genius, can’t believe I couldn’t think of it, it’s easy to say, everyone has a response and the person saying it has something to say too due to the nature of this job. I think I might try this myself, provided the break room is quiet enough.

Young looking guy who said he didn’t hate me asked me for help and I gave him the correct advice.

Ate lots of rice.

Played Digimon for a couple of hours after work, seems like I’m going to have to grind for lengthy period to clear the final chapter.


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