*smiles awkwardly*

I did emails at work again, felt special but there are certain queries I can’t handle so I just avoid them, I wanted to ask for advice but couldn’t bring myself to do it. This older new guy initiated conversation with me a few times but I couldn’t respond, often I just smiled, the only conversation thread that gathered steam was guessing if it was going to rain or not, I feel less enthusiastic about having learned of the sure fire conversation starter yesterday since I now remember I’ve got no follow up, it’d just be awkward as I stare blankly at them and then slowly turn my head to signal I no wonder wish to speak.

Purple haired girl picked up a notebook from my desk and joked “how many do you need”, I didn’t respond as I should, just said I didn’t think even one was mine.

Planning on finally buying some new clothes, I’ll do it at the weekend when I’ve got free access to a desktop computer. Might buy some new Vans too.

My mum and sisters again said that long hair doesn’t suit me but my sister did accidentally compliment me when she said my face looks rounder.

Unhappy about my facial hair again.

Racists had a gathering in Manchester, I’m glad they were segregated and ignored.


6 thoughts on “*smiles awkwardly*

  1. In what way were the ‘racists’ ignored? They received worldwide media coverage and had their messages broadcast far and wide.


  2. I’m so glad the west has imported sociopathic brown trannies who stalk and harass white girls to do skilled jobs like answering email.


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