Why won’t they leave me alone

The train to work was filled with pakis, as usual, smug scarfys and disgusting men with beards. Once I got to work, I took 3 calls before being told I was working emails again. I didn’t really talk to anyone today, I advised a lad type on how to check if a computer is occupied, I think he appreciated it. Later in the day I was unable to advise to purple haired girl as effectively, I stuttered, gave incorrect information, repeated myself and spouted gibberish as I was unsure of whether or not anyone was sitting at the computers she pointed out. I think she mocked me once, mimicking how I enthusiastically was able to recall the name of someone sitting at a computer.

On the way home I sat behind a balding paki.

I ate cereal, a tuna baguette and some chocolate cake today.

Didn’t get my sister a birthday present so I’ll get her something now, I’m think some colourful Vans ISO 1.5s, they’re not really her thing but it’s a fun gift. Might get my brother a late present too.

My family keep giving me aggro for eating in front of them and guests.

Got GP and counselling tomorrow, been taking the antidepressants regularly enough but they’re not helping, at least not in the way I want them too.

Signed up to a new broadband and TV sports package, I deserve a treat and I need to find something to start spending on again to take the edge off life.


8 thoughts on “Why won’t they leave me alone

  1. You any closer to getting a place of your own Poley?

    Now that you’re earning money it might be an idea to start thinking about it. Especially because your values seem to contrast with your parents. If you had your own place, you could live a more secular life without them hassling you. You could also move into an LBGT flatshare, and start to come out and live the way you want to, wearing what you want to – and defining yourself for the way you want to be known, not as society chooses to define you.

    I also want to say that I’m sorry for the times that I’ve said terrible, cruel things to you. I’ve realised that I was being a complete dick. I’m really impressed with the way that you’ve held down a job. You’re a good person.


    • I want to move out, I just don’t know if it’s financially sensible.

      I’m still finding my identity as a woman in terms of style, no idea what I want to wear since I don’t feel comfortable shopping IRL

      Thanks for acknowledging my accomplishment of escaping NEETdom


  2. >Didn’t get my sister a birthday present
    you’re a bad sister

    >so I’ll get her something now, I’m think some colourful Vans ISO 1.5s, they’re not really her thing
    dont you think its bad to get something you know they don’t want?


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