Sorry for wasting your time

Last night and this morning, I tried masturbating but I was too exhausted. I need to do it soon, it’s almost been a week since last time.

I woke up early for my GP appointment, 9am, the doctor I saw this time was a young female, she was thin and attractive, this intimidated me a bit. She smiled a lot though, that put me at ease but I just wanted my prescription and to get out of there, she asked me how I was feeling, any changes and thoughts on counselling, I didn’t say anything of note. I got a 4 week repeat prescription and left.

At home I binged on 5 packets of crisps and a fish fillet with beans. After this I played Digimon for 4 hours.

I attended my counselling appointment but I don’t think there’s anything to really talk about and I was right, all we discussed again were my poor social skills a perceptions, I didn’t really understand or agree with anything he said in response to me but it doesn’t matter, my problems are trivial and there are people who need this service more. It was suggested I attend a local LGBTQ group, I shot of down, he spoke of self fulfilling prophecies. I’ll go to the next session then fuck it, I’m wasting everyones time.

I’m happy admitting I’m trans, I just want to buy some clothes and come out already. Tried shopping on ASOS, too expensive.

Bought my sister some £50 Vans since I didn’t get anything for her birthday.

I think the trans person has quit or maybe they were a temp, upsetting that we never really spoke.


4 thoughts on “Sorry for wasting your time

  1. What do you fantasise about when you masturbate?

    Do the drugs you’re on affect the experience? Does it take longer than it used to? Are your erections as strong? Do you ejaculate as much? Feel the same level of pleasure?


      • You mention elsewhere in your blog seeing interracial couples.

        Do you think if a pretty white girl loved you wholly and unreservedly as you are, you’d still have femdom fantasies? Would you still be wanting to transition?


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