Just like Tilde

I vomited in the morning, it was just the cereal I had for breakfast that ended up on the living room floor, I still went to work though, I felt good getting to eat food without decreasing my calorie allowance for the rest of the day. I go took an extra Sertaline and E tablet to be on the safe side.

Train was full of pakis, as usual, I spoke to someone when I heard a bang, I suggested it was a bike helmet falling.

Still working on emails. The new qt next to me initiated conversation with me, said she’s jealous I get to stay off the phone, in response I spat out some poorly preplanned lines, I criticised her phone manner and gave her some advice, the worst part was stumbling over my words and not making much sense. I’ll be avoiding her in the future. She’s a very talkative and likeable person, so naturally I dislike her, it’s a shame though since she’s one of the few people here who don’t have bad teeth.

On the way out of work, I had a short chat with the guy who trained me on emails, I approached him and initiated, I think I find him unintimidating because he’s black and has a foreign accent. I just joked that I’m killing him on emails and then we spoke about work. I like him, he’s nice and I see him helping others too.

I was told that due to payroll cutoff dates, I won’t see my payrise reflected in my wage until next month.

Doing some shopping, found some good stuff, going to see if there’s anything else on this site I want before committing to the purchase.

Skipped lunch. Had pasta for dinner.

Didn’t want to go shopping during my lunch break as I’m now worried coworkers will see me, I spotted one while wandering, she saw me too. Felt awkward.


4 thoughts on “Just like Tilde

  1. Pakistan seem to be doing very well in the cricket. Are you following it? Do you feel even just a little bit proud?

    What do your colleagues at work think about you eating during the day? Or Muslims you encounter in the street and at shops? Has anyone asked why you’re not fasting? Do you still do iftar with your family?


    • Fuck Pakistan

      I only have like 3 Muslim colleagues, we don’t talk, I don’t know of they’re even fasting
      How would pakis in the street know I’m not fasting?
      I don’t shop anywhere with Muslim cashiers
      My family only keep a few fasts


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