Quitting Time

I’ve massively fucked up at work, it’s causing me extreme distress and I’m going to need to ask someone for help. I have no idea how to do certain things while working on emails, this is a problem as I’m now being assigned specific emails to work on. This is the type of thing I could quit over.

Guy spoke to me, the chocolate guy who said he didn’t hate me, just small talk, I gave pointless and generic responses. The trans person is back, but not the other people who started around the same time as her. I wanted to speak to her, say I thought she’d quit in a joking way.

Definitely buying clothes on Saturday when I can use a library computer.

The woman at Gregg’s was nice, informed me I could get a bigger water bottle to go with my tuna sandwich. I need to stop eating in public, chances of being seen by coworkers is too high.


6 thoughts on “Quitting Time

  1. Don’t quit. Ask for help. People feel flattered when you ask them to help you. It makes them like you.

    How long is your hair now?

    Why don’t you want your colleagues to see you eating?


    • Thanks, this worked out well.

      My hair covers all but the tips of my ears.

      I just don’t like being seen in such a vulnerable and exposed way. I’d feel like I’m being judged.


      • Feeling this kind of shame and secretiveness about eating is a clear sign of an eating disorder.

        You write more about food on this blog than almost anything else, and most often in a way that is not positive.

        This probably isn’t something you’re not already aware of.


  2. Stop being ruled by your fears! Face them head on and let the cards fall where they may!

    First step – tell your family about your decision to live a gender queer lifestyle
    Step two – start wearing women’s clothes around the house and outside
    Step three – change your name
    Step four – find a homosexual companion


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