I woke up at around 7:30 today, went straight downstairs and played Digimon for 5 hours, not even exaggerating. I only got off so I could shower, shave, change clothes and go out to the library. I wore my womens green hoodie and at the library I used a computer to buy some more female clothing, I bought one stripey top, one check shirt (size 14 due to height) and 2 skinny jeans, one regular and one high waist, one 26 inch waist, the other 27, possibly too tight, I know 30 is too loose.

Did some epilating, shaving doesn’t even compare to these results.

When I got home I played Digimon for another 6 hours, I’ve finished the story and the post-game stuff minus the DLC, just doing grindy stuff now for a few trophies.

I went out again after this to buy a takeaway, chicken donner and chips. A middle aged white man at the shop made conversation with me, there were some fluid exchanges but it’s the moments I didn’t know how to respond and awkwardly looked away that I’ll remember. He was a lefty, talking about tolerance with a scarfy before I arrived. The man said I looked like a student, flattering I suppose, I might not pass for female but at least I look younger than I am. I lied about being a student, claimed I’m at Manchester University, my final year, stuck to being an accounting student though.

Almost told my sister I was trans, I stood outside her room and chatted with her for a bit about nothing inparticular but couldn’t muster the courage.

I wore girl clothes outside so that’s progress.


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