Vidya drone

I got up early again and played Digimon for around 8 hours. Only 5 more trophies to go before I can end this, might start Final Fantasy 15 next.

Didn’t leave the house, I ate cereal, chicken, 2 cheese sticks and around 5 chocolate digestive biscuits.

Might buy a copy of Infinity Gauntlet or Persona 5 (or some other vidya) with my Amazon voucher. Got near £600 of credit card debt this month due to laser.


3 thoughts on “Vidya drone

  1. Are your family discussing what happened at Regents Park Mosque? What are their feelings about it and being a Muslim in modern Britain? Have you heard them blaming secularism or modern society for turning you away from Islam? How would they react if you began speaking publicly, saying that you’re an apostate and no longer believe?


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