Game over

I’m doing 12-8 shifts this week, woke up around 8:30pm so I could play some Digimon before work. It was boiling today and I was sweating through my clothes by the time I got inside the building. I fucked up twice, pretty significant fuck ups at that, I might have covered myself by acknowledging them to customers and trying to rectify the situation but I think I’m pretty fucked, to be blunt about it, the sweet gravy train on emails is about to come to a screeching halt as they all realise I’m too incompetent to be given such freedom.

The chocolate guy sat next to me, he keeps trying to make small talk, I just can’t do it, I don’t respond, I appear rude. Think he’s part Russian, he asked if he could speak to a customer in another language, bit upset as I’d fantasised about doing the same, knowing a foreign language would make me seem interesting.

Clothes arrived today, will try them on tomorrow.

I feel nothing over the most recent “terror” attack. The victim was most likely a rapist and a bully.

Still seeing a lot of interracial couples and friend groups, pakis with white women and even east Asian women. White guys with black girls and even paki women.

When alone I can’t help but say “paki” and various expletives out loud.

My credit score has gone up.


7 thoughts on “Game over

  1. The victim might have just been someone forced into Islam like you were lad.

    It’s clear you’d want an interracial relationship with a White woman. What are your views on women of other races and religions? Black/East Asian/Non Muslim South Asian/Non Muslim Middle Eastern? Jewish girls? Would you consider dating one of them? How would your family feel about it? Especially if they refused to convert?


    • The victim was praying in a mosque, he was too far gone.

      I don’t WANT a relationship with a white woman but I wouldn’t say no.

      I only hate paki women because they’re so spineless, they don’t respect themselves as humans, never mind as women


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