Never gonna happen

Work was better today, mostly emails, went on the phones for an hour before being told to get back on emails. Got another 5 raffle raffle tickets, the draw is being held on Monday. I messed up stamping in/out one time too many and was told to ask the head of the call centre to sign my exemption form.

I didn’t speak to anyone socially. I sat next to the trans person during late break, just the two of us watching Hollyoaks, if I couldn’t speak to them then, I’ll never be able to.

Ate cereal, a tuna baguette and 4 triple chocolate cookies.

Told my mum that I miss the person she was.


3 thoughts on “Never gonna happen

  1. Does your family get together for Eid? Do people ask questions about you that would shame your family? Are they even particularly religious, or is it a façade to avoid being shamed?


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