I hate this but I’m not unhappy

Spent another 8 hours or so playing Digimon. Getting closer to nabbing that final trophy now, maybe I’ll be done next weekend. I dreaded becoming one of those freaks who live for vidya but now that it’s happened, I don’t feel so bad. Need to wake up.

Washed my hair. Helped my sister move her bed, I’m getting on better with all of them now, I expect this to last a week or so until they present me with an unreasonable demand.

Watched Amazing Spider-man 2, on TV, with two of my sisters. It was nice, they talk to me during it unlike other programming because I know comics well. Watched a little bit of Glastonbury too.

I ate like a pig, more packets of crisps than I care to remember, chocolate, cereal and chicken. Must be over 4000 calories.

Raffle at work is tomorrow, hope I don’t win anything.

I’m not entirely sure how but my spending seems to have been a touch excessive this month. Unfortunate as I still need to buy Cypro.

It clearly looks like I have hips when I wear slim fit jeans.


2 thoughts on “I hate this but I’m not unhappy

    • My birthday was actually a couple of days ago during the family get together. My mum invited people around because I’d be working on Eid.
      It was a nice enough night but I didn’t need it. I’m getting closer to killing myself if I think about aging, I try not to


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