A world without pakis

Today was Eid, I was working so I got to experience walking the streets and using public transport without any pakis around. It was a pleasant experience, funny how the strain on services is removed when you take pakis out of the equation.

Work was fine, lot of calls but they’re easy ones. I’m off emails, a new character has taken on my unfinished business. I didn’t win anything in the raffle. During the draw the quirky guy spoke to me, I didn’t know how to respond to the things he said, I stared at his hair and ear piercing. We found some common ground when he brought up winning a Final Fantasy item once, though it turned out his power level was far higher than mine, he’s even played every game from XI to XV including the MMOs, he also remembers specifics about the older games I haven’t played in years, I just remember story details, he remembers gameplay. His favourite is FF12, I hate it, we both liked FF9 though. I felt close to fainting when heading back to my desk. I also felt pathetic because I surely looked like a fraud and a casual, he probably hates me now.

I got back home at around 6pm to celebrate Eid with my family, went to my grandmothers, she was happy to see me again. The cousins came over too, we talked and laughed for a couple of hours, it was a good time.


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