Counselling was uneventful, I brought up some difficult stuff about race, I said I found white people intimidating. My counsellor despite using the word “pakis” several times himself eventually said he was uncomfortable with my use of it. He has zero interest in my gender issues and I have zero interest in talking about my communication skills and perceptions.

He said he spoke to a clinical psychologist colleague about me, they both agree I’d be a good candidate for cognitive analytic therapy depending on how I respond to counselling.

Only 1 trophy away from Platinum on Digimon World: Next Order. Playing the the game was how I spent most of my day.

I weigh 144lbs now. I blame the antidepressants. Forgot to take one today, I’ll do two tomorrow.

I told mum I hate pakis because she was raped by one. In front of my sisters she claimed she was lying, I don’t believe her and now she’s messed them up like she did me.

Still need to buy Cypro. Could do with a second pair of shoes too.


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