Today was a much easier day at work, I was only rude and condescending to one customer. There were only a few people in as it was a Sunday, not comfy as it was still busy.

The young looking guy who gave me a chocolate once is still speaking to me and smiling when doing it, I don’t understand why, he should be repulsed by me. It’s possibly because he’s eastern European, that he’s seeing me as human (enough). Yesterday just before quitting time he got a callback from a customer I was rude to, he was on the phone with her for 25 minutes before he passed them onto a manager, I just repeated some stuff about her being an idiot and ignoring logic, I forgot to apologise. I think he’s a cool guy, I feel uneasy around him.

DnD guy also got a call today from someone I was rude, he laughed it off too. I admitted I had a problem.

Finally got the platinum trophy on Digimon World, just over 100 hours of play. Final Fantasy time now.

Watched the Confederations Cup final.


2 thoughts on “Platinum

  1. Don’t expect others to create a safe space for you. If you want to reinvent yourself in such a radical way you shouldn’t expect them to adapt to you. You have to meet them halfway. Make it easy for them

    Instead of walking down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast one Saturday morning wearing a cocktail dress, acclimatize them to what’s coming. Discuss your feelings, then your wants, and then finally your intentions.


    • That’s well-meaning but completely naive if you think this is a realistic scenario with a Muslim immigrant family.

      > Discuss your feelings

      Lost the plot there.


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