More cracks

I was abusive to multiple callers at work today, my colleagues could tell because I was loud and animated. I feel as if I’m bring treated unfairly, I talk almost more calls than anyone, more calls than most people anyway. I get no reward for this and I’m on the shift pattern with fewest other people.

The little guy who walked to the train station with me a week ago and talked about vidya is now best friends with a normie, he’s tall, thin, decent looking, they talk passionately about football. I wonder why he even wasted time with me when he’s capable of befriending normies with ease. He was also chatting to a slightly chubby girl about vidya, she had a decent power level and he made her laugh. I realise I’m being mean but I don’t care anymore, I hate working this job, I hate the environment.

Saw the kaiju guy and the quirky guy both look at me with disgust/pity.

The chocolate guy who spoke to me yesterday is still initiating conversations with me and smiling. He is 100% pure normie, I see him interact with others, I don’t understand why he’s still doing it.

Ate poorly again.

Sisters not talking to me.


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