What a waste of a free day

I had a laser session today, nothing interesting, just that I still think my technician isn’t well trained enough.

My dad “asked” me for 15 minutes to cut my hair, I refused to even think about it, I will never understand his mentality, his refusal to acknowledge a “no”.

I’m looking to move out after my trial, it might just be elsewhere in this town since I don’t want to spent over £300 a month in rent and I don’t want roommates.

Spent around £100 on Cyproterone.

I’m planning on buying shoes again, it’s a difficult decision since I will be wearing them every day and my sister said it would be weird if I bought Vans just like hers. Got my eyes on some white Converses but I want something both feminine and something that shows my individually.

Started playing Final Fantasy 15, I think I’m going to like it.


5 thoughts on “What a waste of a free day

  1. When is your trial scheduled? Will you step out as trans when you move out?

    I know your libido is non-existent atm, but do you have feelings for men (i.e. do you have latent homosexual urges??)


  2. Come on Poley your blog has turned really shit as of late. All you do is wagecuck day in day out. The system has made you into a complete pussy now, why aren’t you planning revenge anymore? If you don’t start doing something interesting you should just abandon this blog.


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