Got a letter in the post from my solicitor today, my trial is scheduled to go ahead next month. I’m excited to have my day in the sun and get my laptop back.

Wore my womens  hoodie again, my mum thinks my black slim fit jeans look like womens clothing too. Guess that takes the pressure off on finding a pair that fit well but I still need to buy tops. A bin man smiled at me when I was heading back from the post office, I wonder if he acknowledged I was partially presenting as female. Hard to go all out when my skin still hasn’t recovered from laser.

Played Final Fantasy 15 for several hours, it’s going to take a while to finish if I’m going to keep doing every side quest as soon as it’s available.

Watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my sisters and we enjoyed each others company.

Ate like a pig again. Addicted to pancakes currently.

I went to the library for a while to try to do some shopping (the items from NEXT that I wanted were out of stock) and I overheard a Brummy and Bulgarian having some kind of informal meeting/workshop on a charity project the Bulgarian wanted to start, the Brummy told him idea was awful, no one is going to give him money to buy a PS4 and that people from this town were essentially scum who didn’t care about anything.


2 thoughts on “Set

  1. What do you think of that Paki house fire in Bolton yesterday? Why do so many Pakis have house fires? Is it the fact that they fry food or something, or the fact that the women wear long and flammable clothes?


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