Stop stealing my thoughts

A guy at work just got black old skool Vans, so now I definitely can’t buy them. Another guy, spoke to me a few times (Kaiju/Dragon Quest), he wore a Pokémon shirt from Primark that I also own but am too self conscious to wear to work.

Back to yoghurts and bananas for lunch.

My transaction for Cypro seems to have been declined by my credit card so I’ll just have to place another order, I’m pretty fucked though as I only have enough left for about a week.

Sisters still hate me and refuse to hug me.

Didn’t buy Final Fantasy XII.

Hate that I still have some facial hair.


4 thoughts on “Stop stealing my thoughts

  1. You try to express your individuality with the most mainstream and common clothing accessories possible (sneakers and video game t-shirts), and then suffer spiritual angst when someone else has the same thing, as though that shoe or shirt is the only thing that defines you as an individual! #sad!

    I understand you’re in the midst of a hardcore existentialist funk, and this is all part of that, so I’ll give you a clue – you are not the logo on you t-shirt. You are not the shoes on your feet. You are not the pair of skinny jeans that you stole from your sister

    Until you learn (or invent) what it is to be you (and I’m not talking about a shallow public projection) you’re going to be anxious, confused and unhappy

    That’s all I have to say for today – Utah out!


    • Thanks, it’s a good post and much like everything my counsellor says, it’d be great if I could just condition myself to think the way you tell my to but it’s not as simple as just turning a switch. It’s difficult to control emotions and the reaction generated by first impressions.


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