I played some Final Fantasy before heading to work. Not a great day, I had some difficult callers and the guy sitting opposite me was a bit intimidating.

During lunch I overheard the little guy who wears a suit speaking to his friends again, talking about Tarintino, I wanted to jump in with my opinions but thought it would be too strange and rude. During break however, it was just the two of us and I was able to initiate conversion, I asked how he was getting on and he said his voice had gone, whenever I didn’t know how to respond I just asked another question. I felt pretty good about the exchange even if he didn’t get my reference to The Wire, this was until he asked me where I was from, this annoyed me greatly as I had told him this around 2 weeks ago and I remembered where he was from.

During the second half of the day, I got to work on emails again, the emails lady playfully punched me on the arm and complimented me. I feel obligated to take overtime on emails now.

Gone to bed less than an hour after returning home.


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