Opening my post is a criminal offence

When I arrived home after wotk, there was a package for me. My Cypro, my mum was curious about it’s contents and then after an hour or so when I was in the kitchen she opened it up and exclaimed, I ward able to snatch the tablet boxes off her before she could memorise the full name printed on them, Cyproterone Acetone. I rushed upstairs and soon my mum was up too, I sat in front of my door to prevent her entering.

I’m going to have to take all my pills will me to work now because I know she’ll raid my room while I’m away, she was in here today and found empty tablet packages. I can only hope she thought they were prescribed. The issue with the recent delivery is that she knows I ordered them online.

Earlier in the day my mum and sisters disparaged my hair and advised I cut it. If they can’t accept I’m growing my hair, they won’t accept I’m growing tits.

A guy at work tried talking to me twice, I tried responding but I couldn’t ever get the conversation to flow, we ended up just sitting in silence both times. He told me his kid was sick, I said that sucked but I didn’t care so I had nothing more to say. He and two other guys who get the same train sat together on the way home and I avoided them. The DnD guy was one of them, their conversations sounded natural, relaxed and somewhat enjoyable. Played Yoaki Watch on the way home.


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