That’s really it

I played Final Fantasy 15 for about 12 hours today. Still focusing on side quests, it feels rewarding, I should know better but I can’t help but feel as if things will be better once I get platinum.

Had a spirited discussion with my sister about LGBT issues.

I ate cereal, cookies and chicken donner with chips.


3 thoughts on “That’s really it

  1. This is interesting (and from my perspective very disturbing)

    A trans parent (looks like a sickly HIV infected woman with a seedy beard) has insisted its sprog’s sex be identified as ‘U’ on its passport. (despite clearly seeming to be a boy). And the morally degenerate postmodern Canadian government has pandered to this BS by agreeing!

    All of that aside, the article mentions that Pakistan will also soon introduce U sex designations in its passport. This surprised me, I thought this culture was conservative and uncompromising on LGBTI issues?!


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