2 minutes away but feels like 2 hours

At work I was put on emails all day, I’m answering more than anyone, I’m even taking on difficult queries but there’s literally no reward for this. After my shit ends the company offers 1.5x pay for overtime on emails, I’m too exhausted to take this up but others, people who suck at emails, people who answer half the emails I do, jump at this. It’s so unfair. A couple of people I replied to are angry at me and despite not doing anything wrong, I may come across as being at fault since I was so rude to them. Stressed out about this.

I came across as unfriendly to the quirky guy, he made conversation with me again but I failed to realise the conversation was continuing so I ignores him at first before responding with “oh, I didn’t realise we were still talking”.

Finally bought some new shoes, womens Sketchers in black.

My mum is still asking about the drugs but I think I calmed her down a bit by telling her my GP knows what I’m taking.

Considering buying Lady Gaga tickets, just seems like a new exciting normie experience, I probably won’t though, just like I haven’t gone to a football game despite planning it for 3 years.

Still need to buy train tickets for my trial in 2 weeks. Last time I was told it would be a whole day affair but I doubt this can be true.

Must have had 3000+ calories today, mostly chicken and junk food.


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