Cast out

While I was away yesterday, the seating arrangements were changed. Me, my enemy, a new guy to the team who has actually been here longer than me, the quirky guys and the gender neutral guy were all seated at the edge of the office. It was colder and out of the way, we were a small but significant distance from the point where the “back office” to which we belonged originally ended. The quirky guy, rather outspoken, called it the relegation table and said that he knew it was that because I was here (everyone knows I’m leaving).

Stacy on the other hand was the one and only person from the emails team who is on a hourly wage to remain in the back office area, she’s been moved to the front though, where it’s noisiest but it’s still a shocking decision that raises questions. Why? I understand why I’m pushed away but why also the quirky guy who was pretty much seated where she is now and been around longer? Looks like special treatment again. Despite not being happy about this I still did far more work that I should have done.

During the day I interacted with the quirky guy but that was all. he spoke to the other three, I did not. As usual, I’m resentful. Good news is that he got an interview for the internal vacancy he applied for, gut this team some more.

I was quite absorbed into my work but one event near the start of the day did rattle me, I had a questions relating to how to perform an action on a system. I went to the “Q”, just a guy with a flag who we’re supposed to ask any general queries. it’s usually a fairly pleasant woman but today I was the catty, older, male, seemingly best pal of Stacy. When I asked my question he told me to find someone else to show me how or to ask my team coach, I pushed and asked why he couldn’t just tell me (I said he was closer), he replied that I was back office. When I went to ask my team coach, in the presence of the contact centre head, my voice was shaking and I brought up what had just happened. I plan on getting him back for this, though he’ll probably never set me up for a killer retort.

At home I was tired and unable to accomplish anything of value, just wanted YouTube videos and a bit of the football.


2 thoughts on “Cast out

  1. When I stir your Pakistani curry hole with my huge white British meat, it’s going to be unbelievably painful for you.


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