oh, look. It’s Ramadan

Pretty sure quirky guy reads my blog. He’s fairly smart and I felt he behaved in a way that indicated he read my previous entry. Had some awkward conversations with him, argued for the sake of arguing and got over excited for no reason.

I worked hard, the new manager seems to rate me so I feel obligated to live up to expectations by taking on the most difficult queries without them being forcibly assigned to me, I’m also answering as many emails as possible without resorting to touching the easy ones. May have messed up.

Woman I used to sit with stopped by to chat with me, it flowed well at first until we reached the point where I had nothing more to say, couldn’t change the topic but awkwardly tried to push the conversation along.

Unable to let go of my hate, my hatred for one person has been replacement with hatred for two others. Not a fan of anyone belonging to this particular clique.

My mum is unhappy about me not fasting during Ramadan, she keeps bringing up brainwashing and that I’m not the same person, her repeated references to hormones make it quite obvious she’s been snooping around my room.

Played some DragonBall Xenoverse 2.


3 thoughts on “oh, look. It’s Ramadan

  1. Ramadan? More like ramming your spicy achari arsehole behind the mosque with my pure, bright meatstick of genetically pure British white light.


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