Another chance for change 

Today was my last day suffering for a short while, I’m off for a week, a week where I can make some magic or just recharge. The day started of with conversations with my coworkers, some were decent (food, work) and some were awkward (offended by comments made about quirky guy and not following a conversation). Both conversations were with females though I’m hardly one of the girls.

I did a little over bare minimum again. Though it was still somehow light years more than anyone else. I did a couple of hours of overtime, got pizza again but I don’t have the energy to accept double overtime over the weekend even though it’s £100 per day.

A job opportunity has opened up in the company but as with all jobs here, my manager needs to be asked for permission in order to apply for it. I can still apply through the website but one of the questions is “which date did you speak to your line manager” and it says they will receive an email notifying them of my application. It’s a genuine promotion and salaried. At most, only 3 other people will apply for it since it has to go to someone from our team/department. I’ll give it a shot since I can claim that I didn’t have the opportunity to ask since I’ll be away until the deadline.

Played some Digimon at home, just grinding for the Platinum, all the fun is gone, just want to finish with it. Watched the “Dear White People” television series, I was entertained.


Toil approaches

Digimon and sleep again. Mum got me a Subway sandwich and there was leftover spag bol. Also drank 4 Diet Coke cans. Almost got Platinum, lots of grinding left.

I’ve had enough of my sisters ungratefulness and open disgust for me. I took away the YouView box so they can no longer watch the subscription channels I pay for or record shows. I won’t be able to use it as I need a wired internet connection in my room but at least they won’t be able to watch Law & Order SVU or Catfish anymore.

Watching the SuperBowl now.

One more day before the monotony is broken 

I’ve reached this final chapter of Digimon, it’s not as good as the previous Cyber Sleuth. I’ve sunch 60 hours into the game so far.

Bought a pair of plain black Vans and an electric toothbrush for £50.00. With the savings I’m making on not needing to travel to work this month and only getting a new course of laser on my face, I can afford it easily.

Watched Katt Williams. Ate spag bol. My sisters revealed their level of their contempt for me again. I’m getting on well with one of them now though.

Might clean my room tomorrow.

On and on it goes

More Digimon. I’m stretching the game out with unnecessary grinding. It’s unhealthy but it keeps my mind somewhat occupied. The day would be unbearable if I had nothing but my work fantasies go occupy my mind this week.

I went to my laser appointment, just a patch test on the face with a different laser. Something must have been lost as information was being relayed as I didn’t get the patch test on my hands that I wanted. I went out girl mode and didn’t think much of it, only got a few funny looks and one head turn. Bought a Toblerone and listened to Black Sabbath on the way home.

Bought my mum a new tablet since she spends a lot of down time browsing the internet on her phone.

Watched Black Mirror, Def Comedy Jam and a bit of Boy’N the hood. The only good bit out of any of that was Dave Chapelles involvement.

I need to start weighing myself regularly.

The same again

Digimon again. I did venture outside too though, just to buy some razor heads from ASDA, picked up another plaid shirt on my way out. Went for sky blue but black would have been more “me”. Might go back and buy it. I’m not sure what the cause is but whenever I attempt to walk now I feel dizzy and numb.

I’m still spending too much time fantasising about airing my grievances in a sarcastic manner at work.

Got laser tomorrow, getting a patch test on my hands/arms, it’s going to cost but it’ll be worth it. 

Both my parents are still trying to get me to have a hair cut.

Vengeance delayed

The vast majority of the day was spent playing Digimon in my room again. The major difference was that I changed by bedding and tidied up a bit.

Made a small trip outside to the local library in order to initiate my master plan but unfortunately something seems to have changed making it impossible to go forward for the time being. I’m holding out hope that it’s something I can get around easily but I’ll need more time for that. I’m still spending a lot of my free time fantasising about making my feelings known at work though it seems no one will care. I checked my work email, the email I sent on Sunday to over 100 people only got 1 (one) reply, not even a manger, just asking if I had authorisation to send it. Need to formulate exactly what I’ll say if I’m asked why I did it.

Woke up after 1pm today and heading to sleep after 1am.

Watched some Black Mirror season 4. It’s weak.

Still on the same track

I played Digimon for at least 12 hours. Only now going to sleep at 3:30am. It’s not an especially good game, just another autism simulator that’s gotten its hooks into me.

My mum bought me a Subway sandwich and Diet Coke (I’ve flipped from Coke Zero).

I took a few short breaks throughout the day, firstly to eat(watched party of a Black Mirror episode in the background), then a trip to the post office and lastly I went downstairs for 2 hours to watch the soaps with my family. Tomorrow I need to make some time for my mischievous plot.

I did not interact with my sister today and likely won’t ever again while I have a TV and PS4 set up in my bedroom.