About me

Editing this page to be a biography/”manifesto”

I was born in 1991, my mother like most pakis was the victim of a forced marriage though she will continue to insist it was her decision, that she was just stupid. I, like my sibling and all pakis was conceived through rape, pakis don’t believe in the concept on consensual sex, the men do it for pleasure and to procreate, the women are to weak to fight back. While I hate my father for being a vile rapist with uncivilized values, I hold my mother in low regard too, she should have stopped my father from entering the country, reported him to the police, left or just killed him. It’s cruel to say but by doing nothing, she did make a decision and she really did choose her fate, she isn’t alone though, as I said, this is all pakis, every single last one.

My earliest memories are from when I was aged 2-4, I lived with my mother, grandmother and uncles, my grandfather had died around the time I was born, my mother tells me it was a heart attack but I don’t believe her, she lied originally about the cause of death of her older sister who was also forced into marriage (she killed herself, neighbours found her, her son, who I was named after, was apparently taken into care). I suspect my grandfather killed himself after his daughter, though that would be far too noble of a paki. The uncles, I believe were late teens, still in education at this point, hence why they hadn’t been married off yet. During this period, I would sleep on a settee in the kitchen, it was a small two bedroom house. My father was absent for now, likely tangoing with immigration and unfortunately it was the younger uncle who I latched onto as a father figure or male role model, he was a “nerd” to put it in short simple terms, he owned video game systems (a Mega Drive and an old one that played cassette tapes), he had a huge video tape library  (bookshelves full) that he catalogued, he had poor social skills but could be very rude, blunt and critical when trying to speak, work of all though he would go on to become a 40+ year old, balding, virgin with no social life who still lives at home and hasn’t had a job in over a decade. The strangest thing about him is how at this age, he speaks like an immature child, I’m not sure if it’s a coping mechanism or if he had some kind of accident.

I am human garbage

I am a 24 year old British student
I have little to no interests or hobbies
I am not notably attractive or intelligent
I have hove no social skills, I do not initiate conversations, I cannot carry a conversation and I have no friends.



12 thoughts on “About me

  1. Just read your post dude, you seem like an insightful and articulate guy. You aren’t going through anything that countless other young men have gone through before. bes resilient. things won’t be like this forever…


  2. your application obviously isn’t hitting the mark. but anyway, you can’t have a glass jaw when it comes to job applications – you just need to apply and apply. something will turn up eventually if you persevere

    my advice – write a one page cover letter to accompany your cv. make sure it makes your sound enthusiastic, hard working and reliable. Also, do not be afraid to embellish / make shit up. everyone does

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  3. Hahaha did you post on r9k about stalking female students and taking creepshots? Dude seriously you need to fix your life, change your name, leave it all behind.


  4. Funny how you talk about your father’s “uncivilized values” when they are values you share.

    Using a hidden camera to film women in the toilet without their consent = Uncivilized
    Pissing in people’s food and drink = Extremely uncivilized
    Being unable to hold a job = Uncivilized
    All the other filthy shit that you probably do that you haven’t told us about = Uncivilized

    Face it, you have your father’s values. You can deny it as much as you want, but it’s clear to all of us that his values are in your foul blood.

    At least he has a job, which makes him more civilized than you. I am sure he pisses in the toilet instead of in the food and drink of your victims too. He is the better person out of the two of you, and he has more right to call himself British and civilized than you do.

    I know you are in denial about these facts, but this is how everyone but you sees it.

    You are the disgusting, uncivilized rat here.


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