Back on DNP

I desperately want to get under 130lbs as soon as I can and I’ve done more reading on DNP and it’s not dangerous in low doses over long periods of time, I can take the 25 pills I have for the next 25 days and I won’t die but I will lose significant weight, I’ll get under 140lbs with 100% certainly and getting under 130lbs in that time is also guaranteed if I eat appropriately and what I read about water weight post-DNP is correct.

The laser clinic always asks if there has been a change to my medication, I always say no, it’s easier than explaining but yesterday I did plan on coming clean as it would make them the first people I ever came out to as trans but I chickened out. Stayed indoors today and hid away from the light due to laser but that’s something I do anyway. Face looks like it’s set to see a significant reduction and fortunately no burns seem to be developing.

Searching the house for a spare power took me to my sisters bedroom, noted her epilator lying about, it had fewer tweezer heads than mine and that she was using an extension to lessen pain.

Bought a £50 Kodi box and I set it up today, watched the Everton/Palace game in the background. Got a tonne of (you)s on /sp/ and /int/ posting a pic of my setup watching the game. Fairly active thread of mine on /fit/ got deleted again when I got banned (again) though.

Back to playing Dragon Quest.

Uni says they’ll send a letter to me next week.

Gonna stay up until 11pm so I can claim my seasonal Hearthstone rewards tonight.


9 thoughts on “Back on DNP

    • No, they’re into paki pride and tell me off whenever I make negative comments about pakis or even use the word “paki”, it’s weird though since they’re not religious at all, they don’t know a paki language and they know nothing really of paki culture.

      They also don’t dress the way most pakis around here dress, they wear short skirts and those vest top/tank-top type things

      One sister is also a vocal feminist.

      I think they all want to go on holiday to Pakistan next year too.


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