Friends not included

I watched more Black Mirror, some with my sister last night, more today, it’s a fun show but now I feel as if I’m just waiting for the twist. S3E3 with the peado walking away bloodied as the police approached to arrest him, is a scene that hit me hard, it resonates with me, I’ve been through an ordeal, the pigs are trying to end me but they’re not quite there yet. S3E4 was just nice. I also watched some YuGiOh today, might shel out for that Netflix subscription after the free trial.

I ate several chips, some with gravy, a samosa, cereal and chocolate today. My mum bought half that food. I think that’s under 2000 calories.

Still can’t get passed rank 3 on Hearthstone.

Estrogen supplies are running very low, I’ll need to place an order this week.

No one has agreed to play VS System with me yet, I’ll just stick the box on display in a corner of my room.

My brother visting, we didn’t speak apart from when I stared at him and he asked “what?”.


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