I can finally understand why my actions caused misery and a myriad of other emotions to my victims. I was thoughtless and my behaviour cruel and pathetic. I deeply regret what I have done and it pains to imagine what they must have gone through.

Fuck the uni though.

I was also wrong to hold negative opinions of people at work, they are all great. Such friendly and patient people. I had to work with one of the newer Polish girls today for a short while, she was nice. Backs up that theory about it being silly to be mad at someone for being cold towards you when you make no effort either.

My roommate also deserves an apology, it’s tough finding a room to rent, he thought I was a cool guy based off first impressions. There are worse people out there compared to him. I will try asking him if I can extend the lease, this whole search is causing me stress.

On an unrelated note, I am absolutely certain now I am completely heterosexual and interested in regular relations with females, I was only into various fetishes because of seclusion.


4 thoughts on “Sorry

    • Men and women, all people in fact are different, I can’t judge everyone by my standards, I need to out myself into their shoes. it’s not hard to imagine how a normal person would react to having their pictures publicly shared and mean things said about them. They would not know who was being it and why it was happening,leading to fear and confusion. There are elements of cyber bullying involved also.
      This should be clear to normal people, something I would like to be.


  1. Well reading your blog I always thought you’re not bad or worthless, you just have a lack of experience in social interactions. A big part bout social interactions, as stupid as it sounds, is just being exposed to it. Learning by doing, so to say. Thus I think your job at McDonalds is a good opportunity since it forces you to talk to people (even if it’s just customers). Also grats on getting in touch with that other student.
    wish you the best


    • Still never know what to say and too concerned with their judgements (coworkers). The customers are nothing, they are not real people, we do not have real interactions.


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