“You’re a joke”

Still posting from my phone.

Slut at work asked me for the name of one of my colleagues. Obviously planning on looking him up later on Facebook and propositioning to suck his cock. Told her I didn’t know and mumbled something about it being against the rules. She was a 5/10 at best, punching above her weight, should have let her get shot down. Still obviously unhappy about not getting any gf requests myself.

It was busier today than it had ever been before due to it being a Saturday and actually warm. Had more to cope with so instead of playing my usual house nigger character with the forced smiling and generic pleasantries I became a jobsworth, strictly enforcing rules and I felt much better ruining peoples day a little than I ever did trying to brighten it. I was tight on the height requirements, kicked people off for standing, got kids crying and adults shouting.

Three kids try to get on the ride. Tell their dad they have the wrong wristbands and they can upgrade for a few quid. Two hours later they come back. Tell their dad they are too short to ride without an adult. The dad gets pissed I didn’t tell him this before, he starts shouting, tells me I’m “a joke”, I reply with “thanks”, something triggered me and I got defensive. Started shouting back at him even louder. Tell him there’s a chart with the height requirements outside the ticket office, I shouldn’t have to tell him something he can see himself. Ends up with him trying to deflect with a sarcastic “Excellent customer service” and asking my name for a complaint. Didn’t stutter or say anything awkward during the whole exchange, I must have been a real terror.

My confidence was a result of a beta blocker I took a few hours earlier or just that I knew he couldn’t physically harm me. He had his kids with him, it was such a rush humiliating, winding up and ruining the day of another man.

Polish guy wouldn’t listen to my commands to raise his hands, he seemed to do the opposite and place them firmly in his lap. When it was time for him to raise them again so I could release the bar and let him off the ride, I saw him trying to push the bar up himself. It was like watching a monkey. I say back and waited for his tiny mind to click. He later went on the ride often, raised his hands fully and gave me a smile like a good cuck.

Realised I’m expected to help set certain things up. No one told me, will try and chip in tomorrow.

Had a short chat with a new guy while taking away the trash.

Colleague thinks I’m slow after needing a tutorial on how to empty a bin.

Music is blaring in the background all day, don’t like much of it but it helps me familiarise myself with the medium and find tracks I enjoy. So far I have found two such songs “The belle of Belfast city” is catchy and “I know it’s over” hits hard.

There was a girl in the staff room during my lunch break. I avoided looking at her but then realised she would only know I was examining her if she was staring at me too.

Dad called. He asked if everything was okay. Feel bad for not stretching the call for over a minute, it’s Eid after all.

Been staying away from haram meats for around 3 days now.

Used to be into Islam for a while, weeb shit, hiphop culture for a short while, after I move on from these interests I usually start hating them and the people associated with them. No different with my recent fascination with Poland.

This bit is fiction. If I (refers to the main character of this novel) were to blow something up, it would be where a large congregation of P*lish (fictional race, pronounced pee-star-lish) would gather. The characters problems don’t stem from one individual but one race. Every P*lish person I have encountered has been lying, conniving scum.

Knee still hurts. Painful to bend it at all.

Went to ASDA, can get a refund but need the box and peripherals. Having them posted over. Works out well, like a cheap rental.


9 thoughts on ““You’re a joke”

  1. I look forward to reading about your detention by the security services, you need high level investigating you fucking nutcase.


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